Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Retail Report: Joe Fresh.

If you've been keeping up with my post you are probably familiar with the name Joe Fresh by now from the pieces I featured on previous outfit posts. So I apologize for just now formally introducing you to my new retail friend "Joe Fresh." Its kind of amazing and amazingly inexpensive for the oh so affordable price points and good quality. After working in the retail world for almost 2 years now, I honestly don't know how they design, produce, ship, merchandise in stores, and then make a profit at the end of the day... Like I said, kind of amazing!
I will warn you that this is a totally hit or miss store but if your in the market for basic and don't want to spend a lot, this is one of your new go to stores. (Very up to par with "The Gap," which is still one of my favs.) But what I found most exciting about the store is its very on trend fashion items that show up out of no where -- like the printed ankle pants (worn here) I snagged for $39 last weekend! (Don't get your hopes up-- I'm pretty sure sizes are limited at almost every location in the city. I had to hunt these down like a pair of jimmy choos at the Barneys warehouse sale.)

Anywho, unless your a Canadian, fellow New Yorker or just a brand junkie like myself Joe fresh is probably pretty foreign to you (And yes, it actually is foreign to we Americans.) So here is a little background information about the Canadian fashion brand and a few pictures I took at the store in my neighborhood on Madison and 81st... Hope you like it!
Windows at the Madison and 81st Street

Inside the store on Madison and 81st Street

Blue Printed Dress - $29 /// Eyelet Dress - $59 /// Green Printed Dress - $29 (Pants worn here)

Don't forget to check out the Joe Fresh website (here.)

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