Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Lil Inspiration From My Fav.

I took this while I was drafting my post earlier this morning on the balcony... Aww shes just so cool!! Happy hump day ya'll!

Claire's Cookie Cake.

For  a friends birthday I was trying to think of a yummy dessert that would be easy to make and serve at a restaurant for her birthday dinner. I thought cookies would be a good idea because they would be easy to box and no serving required-- But that was just way too boring. Then it hit me duh-- I could make a cookie cake! Because growing up, who didn't hate the kid that had a cookie cake at their birthday party? They the best!
So here are the easy steps of how to make your own homemade cookie cake that will be a hit. Not to mention I googled where to buy a cookie cake in Manhattan and they were no where to be bought. New York bakery's need to get with it!

1) Make cookie mix according to directions. I used 11/2 bags of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. There's no reason to try to make them homemade, it's the best! (The trick is to use real butter and make sure you let it soften - Do not melt.)
2) Grease Round Pizza Pan 14-16" and spread dough evenly.
3) Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 Degrees. (Do not walk away-- cooking the cookie until it is golden brown so the cookie is not overcooked and crunchy is key.)
4) Set in fridge to cool for about an hour before icing.
5) Transfer cookie to Pizza Box (I tried to pay for one at a NY pizza place.. but the lil cuties gave me one for free.)

Icing: (You can either make your own white frosting or buy in the can and then dye-- I actually bought it this time because I think it just taste better.)
1) Mix icing with food coloring in separate bowls until desired color is achieved.

2) Transfer frosting to ziplock baggies and clip ends to decorate.

3) Ta-dah!! Who's jealous now?
Other goodies I baked for a co-workers birthday that are pretty simple and easy to share: