Tuesday, May 08, 2012

DIY: Chair Inspiration.

When we first moved into our apartment a year ago in the UES we had hardly
any furniture. I didn't spend much time hunting for the perfect set of
chairs for our living room but the ones I found I couldn't pass up
because they were only $25 each! Not to mention, I found them at
Housing Works in my neighborhood so they were an easy lugg just a few
blocks. They def could use a good paint job and a reupholster job but
I still think they have potential.
With my upcoming move on my mind, I've been constantly thinking about
all the little projects I need to finish before the big day... And
redoing these chairs is first on my list. I've already been
brainstorming what style I want to go for but it's so hard to make a
decision when I'm not sure how the room is going to be decorated. So
below I put together a few inspiration boards to collect my ideas. So
far my direction is a classic fabric (gingham, plaid, check or stripe)
with either a white, black or natural finish. I figure however my roomie and I
decide to decorate the living room, classic styled furniture would fit
right in. Before and after pictures to come!



Please leave comments... I would love to hear your feedback!

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