Friday, June 01, 2012

Texas Weekend Project: Beach House Inspiration.

Im so excited, not only is it a beautiful Friday morning in NYC today but tomorrow I will be en route home to Texas to see my fam for a week. Don't get me wrong I'm in love with NYC but I'm passed due for a city escape and a visit back to my homeland.
Of course my biggest fear while being at home in the slow pace country is being bored. You would think that I would enjoy the change from my everyday city paced lifestyle but it's just not my style-- like my father, I have to constantly  be surrounded by the action and have at least a few projects in the works.
Luckily my parents are in the process of finishing out a condo they bought at the beach in Galveston  and starting to build a house for us to visit and one day sell. (My dad can never invest in anything without the intention of making  a profit- pretty smart man)
So this weekend I will be spending my time at the beach doing what I do best- shopping, designing, decorating and of course eating out with my A-team, mom and pops.
Since we are in the decorating faze with all of the furniture being delivered earlier this week, adding all the finishing touches and setting things up is all that's really left to do. My mom has already bought a few things here and there but there is still so much to be bought and organized to create our nautical oceanside vision. Below I wanted to share some of the inspirational photos I have collected... Stay tuned:  Before and After pictures and a Nautical Outfit Post to come next week. Happy weekend Ya'll!

Nautical Stripes

Ocean Themed Accents

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