Friday, May 18, 2012

Book of the Week.

I've been meaning to post this sweet sentiment of what use to be Domino Magazine- which was published monthly from 2005-2009.  Unfortunately it was ceased in 2009 because of the economy (like everything else- thanks economy!) Lucky us, last month Domino published a special Quick Fixes edition of the magazine focusing on simple, inexpensive design ideas which will be released four times this year. Of course I bought it the first week it was released so I apologize for my late post. If you haven't had a chance to look through this lovely home style guide and decorator manual here is a sneak peak of its goodness. (They even have a website you can check out here.) 
In true Domino style it's filled with so many inspirational ideas and quick fixes instead of things to buy... I would consider it more of a mini coffee table book rather than a magazine. It's definitely an issue you would want to hold on to unlike your monthly People Style Watch or Glamour whose contents are out of date by season. Its cover price is also more like a coffee table book at $10.99.

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