Friday, December 16, 2011

Book of the Week.

So I've been doing a little Christmas shopping online.. Okay not a little (A Lot), but I blame it on Gilt. Anyways, I just bought this book for my boyfriend for Christmas and received it in the mail today at work. It basically the classic cocktail bible. Its has simple instructions and anything and everything can be looked up in the index. If you can come up with a drink you want to make, you can find it and about 15 other version for every persons taste and personality.  It was on Gilt for $50 but the sale is already down, however you can buy it on Pottery Barn for a full price of $75. It really would make a great gift for the guy you don't know what else to buy for them and if they are not interested in the recipes or learning the craft of mixing drinks, it would still look so classy on your coffee table or displayed in your bookshelf. You really cant go wrong with this book....Everyone likes a fancy drink- or needs one after a long week of work. Below are other great gifts ideas that I bought to wrap up with the book.

Price: $75

Price: $30

Price: $35

And one last gift idea just because I couldn't leave out is this festive serving set...

Sabre- Old Fashioned Accessory Set (3 pc)

Price: $51

Other bar accessories on Gilt Home can be found here:


Thursday, August 18, 2011

See. Love. Blog

Had to post this just because I keep telling my friends to look at it. Makes me laugh, and its literally point on based from a New Yorkers perspective. I can finally relate after living here for over a year. The only thing I would add in is Outlet Malls in the Midwest.
Credit to the Image and Article to Refinery29 -One of my favorite blogs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loafer Love.

With my intentions to start saving for the upcoming Missoni sale at Target, I have to admit to making one last purchase online last night so I can start with a clean slate. I normally would not confess to my bad spending but this purchase is too great not to share since I bought them for $50 on Ebay. (Ebay purchases shouldn't count anyways right?). Not to mention, I have been obsessing over these shoes for 3 weeks now! Anyways, know the brand Stubbs and Wootton and especially the loafer trend this season because I think you're going to see them everywhere in stores this fall. I would love to have a monogrammed pair so I'm thinking ill try this pair first to make sure I like the fit before I shell out 4 Benjamin Franklins. P.s.-- Please notice how well Stubbs and Wootton's marketing is done-- Their website and graphics are so freaking cute, reminds me a lot of Henri Bendel's--Five-Stars!

 Stubbs and Wootton - ($50 - Ebay)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missoni For Target.

JUST IN CASE YOU'VE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK AND HAVEN'T HEARD THE MOST EXCITING NEWS FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER: MISSONI IS COMING TO TARGET!  So mark your calenders and set your alarms because on September 13, the designer collaboration Missoni for Target hits stores and I better be there right when the doors open to get first dibs. Just look how on point the designs are to the brand-- I'm especially obsessed with the home products and I'm literally getting one of everything-- even if I don't need it. I mean how often does Missoni-- especially Missoni for home collaborate with Target? 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Die.

Lets be honest, Rachel Zoe is not a true designer. She never went to design school and she probably didn’t sew a button on one of her blouses from her new collection. But despite this, she is still no stranger to the fashion world and an amazing stylist or what I like to call an amazing editor. And not just any editor- RZ is top in the industry for a reason with her keen sense of style… or like Dan says about Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl... she is "An evil dictator of taste" and dang good at it!

In my opinion, she has one of the sharpest eyes for timeless and tailored silhouettes in the industry. Her new collection, Rachel Zoe sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus is every bit representative of her talent and worth every penny at prices ranging from $200 - $500. Every piece is an essential that every classy stylish businesswomen should have in their wardrobe.  Since we don’t have a NM in NYC, Im praying its sold at Bergdorf and Goodman so I can check it out in stores this weekend. Unlimited credit card--- Where are you when I need you?!?!

Even better news.. The Rachel Zoe Project returns to Bravo for Season 4 on Sept 9.