Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring 2011 Beauty Products Must-Haves.

If theres one thing you learn about style when your on a budget... Its how to accessorize.  Luckily, lip color and nail colors are such an accessory now days.  You can update almost any look for spring by adding a pop of color to your nails and lips... And the best part- Its affordable and on trend this season! My best advice is to spend a few more dollars on a name brand instead of experimenting with 2 or 3 cheaper products from the drugstore... I promise it will save you money in the end.

So here are some of my personal favorite products that are on trend for spring and worthy of purchase:
Hot Pink Lips
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) is a vibrant shade of darkened, bright fuchsia pink. It has an amplified creme finish, which makes it a very creamy, opaque shade. This classic pink from MAC is a personal new favorite of mine and is said to be the best seller from the family of pinks.  I can't believe this was my first Mac Lipstick purchase because it's such a great product that stays on for hours. Oh and only $15... Which is cheap for brand makeup and probably why Mac's lipsticks is their best selling item. Want more pink? Check out Maggie’s post: Pretty in Pink
Playful Nail Colors
Here's another budget friendly and trendy way to add some fun to your look for spring! The turquoise blue pictured below is my personal favorite that I just bought last week.  I actually found the whole Nicole by OPI- Justin Bieber line at Walgreens for $7.00. Nicole is a great line by Opi that has some wild new colors out. Other personal favorite brands are Essie and Opi. You can't go wrong with there colors and how well they stay on for $ 8.00 each.
You can get Alexa Chungs nail color at Essie: Mint Candy Apple

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eli Young: Crazy Girl.

Eli Young band's new single "Crazy Girl" which was just released today. Love it of course... Can't wait until their new album is released, Happy valentines day!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Goodnight Moon.

Since I posted my favorite commercial from the super bowl, I thought I should post this one too because this is actually my favorite commercial right now, it just wasn't played during the game. I think every aspect of the this commercial was so well done--- the cinematography, the representation of a luxury brand, and the story line. If your not picking up on the story, its because you probably haven't picked up a childrens book in a while.. Pay close attention and you'll realize that its from American childrens book written in 1947 "Goodnight Moon." A child's imagination told through the eyes of a rich grown up. Genius.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Top 2 Super Bowl Moments

So I can't decide which video is better from the 2011 Super Bowl? The Volkswagon: The Force commercial or when the camera guys got a shot of Cameron Diez feeding A-Rod popcorn?!? hahahaha WOW A-Rod, talk about some terrible timing on the close-up.. next time save the popcorn feeding for after the game, not during the timeouts... You should know no one cares about the game, we only care about the celebrities, the half-time show and the commercials. This isn't the world series. But hey, looking good guys! ;)

This kid is so awesome.

Book of the Week.


I found this amazing book at A.L.Friedman today after work. Not that I need to be spending my money on books right now, but after flipping through the first 30 pages and loving every design-- I broke down and bought it! The traditional, clean, and vintage feel of every design throughout the book is my style to a T. Five stars from me!
ABOUT: From Tennessee to Denmark, the Little Book of Letterpress explores the remarkable work of some of the hottest letterpress studios working today, including Egg Press and Hello!Lucky. Featuring an enlightening history of the craft and explanations of press types this volume is the epitome of handcrafted hip.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cheap Shoe Find for Spring!

Since I wasn't planning on blogging tonight this is going to be a short post. But I just had to post these awesome pair of Woven heels is stumbled upon while reading my March Glamour.  Not only are these shoes freaking so great, but they are $44.99 from Payless!! Can you even believe it? It's because they are from Isabel Toledo line at Payless--- who is one of the 3 guest designers in their store.
I hate paying a lot for  summer shoes because they usually only last one season, so I am definitely ordering these now before they sell out. 

Striped Vamp Sandal

Isabel Toledo for Payless
I should be spending my money on duck-hunting boots since I practically live in a swamp of tall buildings but Im way too excited for spring fashion and especially the weather! More spring fashion trends to come...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

B is for Barbie.

Barbie might be one of the most famous names and faces (or plastics) in America right?!! I mean everyone knows who Barbie is. She's been a part of every girls childhood since 1959 when she was introduced at the Toy Fair in New York City.  Now as a 22 year old, I think I have become to love her even more. Barbie is everywhere right now and I don't just mean in toys r us... the Ads are all over New York right now in places that 5-12 year olds don't hang out.  You can tell that they are definitely trying to appeal to the older audience, and I love it!
I mean how could you not? Not only does is remind me of my childhood but they are so retro and catchy! And in perfect timing with Valentines Day coming up.  
But its not just the advertisements that are buzzing about the iconic Barbie... One of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler has also made retro Barbie his muse by designing a house in California in honor of Barbie's 50th anniversary 2 years ago.  I seriously want to just walk in this cheerful girliness and say "Honey, Im home." 

But since I will never probably live in a home like this, at least JA has a few great products we can fill our home with to remind of us of how amazing it is to be a girl.  Here are a few images the products that are still sold online

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Book of the week.

Sorry readers,  I haven't been keeping up with my 'Book of the Week' post lately because I need to have a date with Barnes and Noble instead of stalking Justin Bieber, Who I actually saw at The Late Show with David Letterman taping today!!! I was literally 2 feet away from him and almost stop breathing. He was even cuter in person!  I just might have to go see him again on Regis and Kelly Thursday. But enough about that because I could talk about him for hours.
But back to books. So I haven't been to the book store in a few weeks, but I did however go to Urban Outfitters on Saturday where I stumbled upon this book: 'The Fashion File: Advice, Tips, and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men.'
It's definitely worth checking out if your a Mad Men fan or if you love the fashion of the 1960's. Oh and the best part is that it was actually on sale for $9.99 from the original price of $26.99, which is a great price for a hardback! It's not online but it is in the store. Gosh I love Urban!

Oh, and I saw this book at Urban too.  I didn't look through it but when I read the title 'Understand Rap: Explanations of Confusing Rap Lyrics,' I couldn't help but think to myself... "Or go to public school." Haha Wow I miss highschool!