Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book of the Week.

Miss Nicole Richie!!!!
    Yes, I went to yet another celebrity book signing in New York with my two roomies tonight, but this time I didn't make the trip just for the signing.  I love, love, Nicole Richie don't get me wrong (shes probably in my top 5 celebs)...But she's obviously no Mary-Kate and Ashley in my eyes.  However, I will say that she was so sweet and lovely in person so it was well worth paying $20 for her book (that I will probably never read considering it has no pictures) just because we were able to take a picture with her and she signed the book to each person with their name-- Very considerate since there were probably 200-300 people in line. I probably won't get around to reading her new novel "Priceless" anytime soon, but her last book was a best seller so Im sure its worth checking out! 
Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanks Marisa and Terri

Morocco Women's Vegan Classics

Just ordered these from Shoe Gyspy in Fort Worth with my gift card that Marisa and Terri gave me for my B-day! So thanks girls, I love them and cant wait to wear them to the park in New York when I babysit! Miss you hoodrats!

"B is for BENDEL. Henri Bendel, that is..."

So yesterday, I decided I was finally going to see what the Famous Henri Bendel Store on 5th Avenue was all about. Here is what I thought...
     They had really great handbags, accessories, and a huge selection of items priced from $50-$100.  (It's the perfect place to buy a gift for the girl who has everything if you have that much to spend!!) But don't let the price scare you a way.  Its not the type of store that has items over a thousand dollars; In fact, I was actually really surprised with their prices.
     Of course, it took me no time to find something I wanted.  And when I say "wanted," I mean won my heart over.  So thank you Nixon Watches for reminding me of how terrible it is living in New York and being broke.  I've never heard of this line before or seen them in stores, but I was so impressed by their quality, design and price! (Thats why I had to blog about it.) 
     Needless to say, I left my heart in Henri Bendels yesterday on the 2nd floor at the watch counter. But no worries, I will be back to get it (my heart that is...) Because the watch is a $100 that I don't have. But it is a great price for such a nice and useful accessory.<< (At least thats the line I would use on my Dad....)  
     "Since 1985 and still today, Henri Bendel is considered one of Manhattans chicest shopping environments - "A Girls' Playground"—a unique fashion destination forever rooted in the never-ending energy, abundance and creativity of the city of New York."
     And I Agree 100 percent!  I would definitely suggest stopping in if your ever in the city cruising along 5th Avenue and wondering what it feels like to be Blair Waldorf's shoes for the day. It's truly was a treat!  


Other great finds:

No. 7 Quilt Camera Bag

Summers Over: Time to slow it down a lil' bit....

Well its almost October and the weather is finally cooling down. (At least in NY that is.) Which has brought something to my attention today: Time to make a new playlist for the fall on my itunes. They say that in the fall/winter peoples mood change because of the weather and change of seasons which means your more likely to want to listen to slower songs about love, blah, blah, blah....

But in all honesty it's kind of true. In fact im in a huge country music phase right now thanks to the change of Seasons---(Its getting colder, the trees are turning different colors, and its getting unusually darker around 5 o'clock all of a sudden.) Granted im never out of the country music phase, I just tend to listen to it more this time of year. So, I thought I would post a playlist of a few songs Im loving right now just in case you need a playlist update or you're just wanting to get in fall mode as well. I've recently been listening to a lot of old/classic songs, so maybe I will save you some money for once and you can update your playlist with a few tracks that are already in your library!

The Room Goes Dark - Eli Young Band
(**Listen here. It is not available for download yet, but its my favorite new song out right now!)
(Great throwback song from 2001!)

Other Fall Playlist Picks:

Friday, September 24, 2010

“All good things start with a B.”

So last week my friends and I were planning a Saturday trip to Brooklyn and we discussed what we were going to do while we were there. Jannika noticed that everything started with a “B” that we had planned for the day, like Brooklyn, Brunch, Buffalo.  She then went on to make the most genius statement ever- that “All good things start with a B.”  And this is so true!
For example: Brunch, Boys, Billion$, Books, Bloomingdales, Barnes and Noble, Bags, Baseball, Bieber…. (Okay I will stop there today)

But lets focus on two B’s today that have to do with fashion and trends.  I’ve been obsessed with BOOTS & BOWS since I was a kid and probably will forever since I am a Texas gal! As an American, I feel like it’s my duty to let you in on some of my personal favorite boot and bow styles/brands you must know about! 

1) FRYE BOOTS (Great classic brand. They will last you a lifetime!) 
Campus Stiching Horse
Jane Stitch
2) COWBOY BOOTS (Every real American needs a pair)

Game Day Boots (My Alma Mater is 1 of 3. Very impressive!!) 

A shout out to my girl Jannika for inspiring “All good things start with a B.”  In fact, I think I’m going to have to start doing a weekly post about the Biebes – I mean-- the B’s in my life!

But enough about all this... I have a game to watch: SMU vs. TCU. Its the fashion show game of the year. Red bow ties, blazers in the 100 degree weather, popped collars, blue searsucker pants and smu doughbags! GO FROGS!

Book of the Week

Im Still dying to get this!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falls must haves.

Leather, Leopard, and Lots More Layaway
Click on the purple links to see my favorite affordable buys.
Nina Shoes  $109.95

Investment Pieces:
-Fur Jacket
*(These pieces are timeless classics.  They may go out in a year or two but I promise, they always come back)
Trendy Buys:
-Faux Leather Pants (A few years from now, the only time you’ll wear these babys is if your going to be a Motorcycle Chick for Halloween…But I want some NOW!)

Other Fall Essentials to Update Your Wardrobe:
-Camel Jacket (Just camel in general is so big this year)
-Thigh High Socks (According to Rachel Zoe)
-Leather BackPack (Mary-Kate Olsen loves hers!)
- Military Jacket
Don’t overspend on these items. They are definitely trendy and not debt-worthy! I'll definitely be eating ramen and cereal the last week of every month!

Monday, September 20, 2010

If you dont like them. Then change your mind.

And since its monday...
Here a little something to humor you for the start of the week:

You should probably watch them all. Season dos returns to HBO this coming Sunday. Let the countdown begin...

"It's always something..." WHY?

Granted im only 22 years old and only learned a little bit about life.  I can say ive learned one thing "it's always something." Kind of like hitting a speed bump.  Sometimes its exciting, a small thrill in life almost like you're living dangerously for like 10 seconds. But sometimes, that stupid bump just spills your drink or makes your cd to skip on the best part of the song- Enough to tick you off for about 10 minutes.  But hey, Its life. It keeps going on and sometimes these little moments/experiences need to be documented or blogged about (this is 2010) because its too great not to be remembered 10 years from now. So chapter one of my life officially goes down in written history today. I hope it doesn't scare you.