Monday, June 27, 2011

Book of the week.

Book Magazine of the Week: Lonny Magazine

Check out this amazing decor online magazine from the old team at Domino Magazine. (If you don't remember Domino, it was my favorite magazine of all times- I was so sad when I heard it was no longer going to be printed.) The content is amazing and its really cool that you can click on pages and it will link to where you can purchase the item (just like a blog). I'm anxious to see if the whole online magazine community will make it!  Oh- and while we are on the subject of home.. Check out the chandalier I bought for my new room on Gilt Groupe today! Loves it!
$118.50 Gilt Price 
$237.00 Original Price

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas: YELL-O.

Its official-- in 9 days my roomies and I will be moving into our new apartment in the upper east side. And let me tell you, words/blogposts/radio announcements/Justin Bieber song lyrics- NOTHING can express how excited we are to finally move out of our "Hellsea" (Hells Kitchen/Chelsea) apartment. When I have free time on the computer, all I have been researching is inspiration and ideas on how I am going to decorate my room. I have a so many ideas (too many for just one post) all saved in a swipe file on my desk top so I will continue to post throughout the next few weeks my ideas and finds.  And of course a final picture of my room in the end! 
For my first post I wanted to use the color of my walls as my inspiration. So here are a few ideas and things I am loving right now in yellow-- yes, yellow and its not your ordinary primary yellow; its mustard yellow!! I know it sounds incredibly tacky, but if its done right it can give a room such a chic and sophisticated style. In fact I'm really excited about my new yellow walls because its probably my favorite color right now. But here goes room idea post numero uno...


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outfit Post: Sundown.


Dress: Banana Republic Monogram. Belt: BCBG. Jacket: Jcrew. Bag: Bohdi. Sunglasses: F21. Shoes: Isabel Toledo. Watch: AE. Lips: Mac- Crosswires.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day.

While searching for a Fathers Day card last week, I ran into these super cute and hilarious line of cards called WINK. I ended up reading about 15 different ones and snapping a  few pictures with my camera phone because I had to share how great they were. Unfortunately I didn't find a fathers day card I fell in love with so instead I made a homemade one on my computer. (My dad always said this is the best kind to get anyways-- so hopefully this will make his day as wonderful as he is!) Enjoy this amazing line of cards...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Book of the Week.

I've been slacking on my "Book of the Week" post recently due to being inspired by so many other things right now. I have actually been meaning to do a post on the "Big Ass Book of Home Decor" since I was given it as a gift from my friend Maggie on my birthday. Now that I am finally moving out of my tiny apartment to a more livable space in the upper east side with 3 other girls, I am so ecstatic about decorating my room and our new home! My favorite DIY projects are without a doubt making/redoing anything I can get my hands on to use as decoration for your house-- not to mention, I love coming home to a well decorated space.  Considering that I am on a budget and need a creative project after work (for all the free time I don't have-joke), I thought I would share a few pages of the book I've been anxiously waiting to dissect...

To sum up the greatness of this book: the bottom line is---You can decorate your whole apartment for literally nothing. Tables, frames, plant holders, wall hangings, chairs, headboards, lampshades; you name it, you can make it with the simplest and cheapest materials. And no worries there is even an IKEA ideas section for all of us New Yorkers trying to save money furnishing our overpriced apartment. So if you have a bunch of IKEA furniture from college you don’t know what to do with or you live in NYC and want to put a few personal touches on your standard IKEA dresser, that you and all your girlfriends have… buy this book. You won’t regret it- And if you do… at least it looks good on a shelf. Happy weekend!

Windows of Wine.

Loving Anthropologie's window display...What a great way to recycle all those wine corks you've been collecting-- I can't wait to get crafty making things for my new apartment!

Monday, June 13, 2011


In honor of how I really feel about my future with Justin Bieber... I present "Someday" Perfume by Justin Bieber.  YES, Because "Someday" we will meet and fall in love--just like I have fallen in love with his new perfume. Not only because it is by the Biebes himself but because it actually smells amazing.  In fact it smells almost identical to "Lola" by Marc Jacobs (hence the packaging) and all of the proceeds go to charity. -- What a good boy! So really there is nothing bad to say about this except that I am extremely disappointed that I have to wait a whole month to buy it. Maybe I will just break down and pre-order it so I can also get the cute free gift with purchase bag. If your a true fan- you will do the same!
Someday Justin....Someday!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Outfit Post: Hats on to the Horses.

Dress: Banana Republic. Hat: C&C Hat Company. Flats: 81. Purse: LV. Jewelry: Thrifted.

Outfit Post: Train Day Tripper.

Tops: JCrew. Swimsuit: Juicy Couture. Shorts: JCrew. Shoes: Sam Edelman Bag: Bodhi. Sunglasses: Pucci. Jewelry: AV Max, American Eagle, & Thrifted.

Big Hats & Big Horses...Yes Please.

Polo Style
DO: Hats A little known fact: women in the UK do NOT wear hats to traditional polo matches. Here in the US, we like to make our own rules (or maybe it was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman who made that rule for us...) Hats are the accessory for a stateside polo match. The Brits get to wear fancy hats or fascinators for everything from tea time to a wedding, so polo matches can be our time for fun.
Don't: Gloves Just NO. (It's not your Mother's polo match!)
Do: Scarf or shawl. This is a polished look that also works if it gets a chilly. Or use as an impromptu blanket on which to lounge while you sip champagne.

Hat Tips
Here is a break down and a little history of the classic hat styles you might see at the match.
The Cloche, a style that was very popular in the 1920s, is a great shape on a lot of women.
The Fedora, a style stolen from menswear, is always a hot look and can be classic or trendy with diversity in proportion and color
The Picture Hat - long the definitive hat for many-has a crown, large brim and should have a decorative something that makes any outfit pop.
The Fascinator is new to the American fashion scene and can contain a wisp of feather, flower, and/or veil. Sexy, and fun, flat or dimensional, this headpiece always wins.

Governors Island, in the heart of New York Harbor, is only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. It is a world unto itself, unique and full of promise. For almost two centuries, Governors Island was a military base - home to the US Army and Coast Guard. Due to changing needs in operations, the Coast Guard closed and “mothballed” the Island in 1996. New York's leaders recognized the Island's potential, and in 2003 the federal government sold most of the Island to the people of New York for one dollar. At the turn of the 20th Century, polo on Governors Island was one of the highlights of the summer season for the city's social elite. In 2008, Veuve Clicquot brought polo back to Governors Island after a nearly 70 year lapse. Today, the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) oversees 150 acres of the Island, while the National Park Service manages the balance, the 22-acre Governors Island National Monument which includes two 1812-era forts.
Fancy Chains Basketweave Hat $10.80 - Forever21


Pins and Needles Basic Straw Floppy Hat 

- $29.00 - Urban Outfitters

Mint by Goorin Nubby Panama Hat $29.00 - Urban Outfitters

My Pictures from the match...

More to come in an outfit post later. HAPPY WORK WEEK!