Sunday, October 03, 2010

Taking Flight to Vegas

So flying can honestly be one of the most miserable experiences sometimes, right?  Flights get delayed, layovers, terrible service, overbooking, HAVING TO PAY TO CHECK YOUR BAG!?!? --I mean really? Its can be so exhausting at times that you wonder why they even call it vacation. Sometimes the getting there and getting back ends up being more work.
I have nothing to complain about obviously, (I am getting to spend the weekend in Vegas) but sometimes we get so caught up in the little frustrations of life that we forget about---- well, LIFE and how blessed we are.
An hour ago I was so annoyed sitting on the floor in the Charlotte, North Carolina Airport responding to emails while I waited 5 hours to board my 2nd plane of the day for a 4 ½ hour flight.  All in all, It will have been an 11 hour trip today to Vegas!
Slowly dying from the man sitting next to me snoring in my ear (thankfully he doesn’t speak English so he can’t read this) and sleep deprivation, I opened up my window to see the most beautiful sunset.  Suddenly I didn’t care ho,w tired I was anymore or how badly I wanted to tell this short Italian man in his white kicks and jeans--- “You can sleep when your dead homeboy!” (I mean I’ve heard Italian food can make you sleepy, but dang there’s no way some noodles and a loaf of bread could put you in a state of snoring Acoma.
But back my point.
I know its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take for granted how lucky we are.  Im so guilty!! But Im trying to make it a new routine of taking at least 30 minutes a day to myself with no distractions to thank God for al the things, experiences, and people he has put in my life.
I just wanted to share my experience with you so maybe next time your in an airplane, driving down the road, or walking down the street (you really can be anywhere); You will take a moment to look around and realize how fortunate you are and how amazing God is!  It really does give you some peace of mind.
But I will close at that because in 30 minutes this bird is about to touch base in “Sin City” where there is a blackjack table awaiting my arrival. Don’t judge me. I look at gambling as a form of charity. If it weren’t for idiots like me, Vegas wouldn’t exist…You can think me later! Happy Weekend Readers!


  1. Just remember God Loves You! Just look out your window more often!

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