Friday, May 04, 2012

Book of the Week.

My roomie Kristen gave me this book for my B-day last weekend: The Homesick Texan. This past year I have been learning how to cook via google and lots of practice and experimenting and of course I love some Southern food and miss it so much in NY-- I honestly couldn't think of a more perfect gift! It has everything I grew up eating and after I read the Introduction I know why. The author literally grew up a few hours away from my hometown of Nacogdoches before moving to New York. Anyways, I won’t spoil the introduction, I’ll let you read her story and how her book came about  for yourself.  It definitely hit close to home for me and I can’t wait to experiment in the kitchen with her recipes.  From just browsing through the pages her instructions seem pretty simple and the illustrations are amazing-- I think you will like! And hey if I fail in the kitchen, at least it will look nice on a shelf! Also don't forget to check out her blog... where the book came to life.
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  1. You should just come home!!!! But bring your cute boy with you!

    Miss you! So does Texas!

    Love you!