Thursday, March 22, 2012

J.Crew Obsession.

Not sure if I have ever blogged about my sick obsession with J.Crew, Jenna Lyons and the man Mickey Drexler. You should know, that it's to the obsession level of Mary-Kate and Ashley. In fact, I could have a whole blog about my love for the store and it's key players. I could literally post a million pictures of all the things I want and love right now but I'll let you browse online instead of posting my entire camera  role from my recent visit to see the new spring styles. Below are a few of my favs...

First and foremost...
The Tillary Tote--- I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BAG! The leather is so nice for its affordable price tag of $328 and its the perfect shape and size.  It can only be purchased online or over the phone and it comes in two colors: Tan and Blue. I will take one in each color for my birthday please! (Hint, Hint: Cough...Cough, Kevin.)
Above is a picture of the blue bag I pulled out of the catalog since it is not shown online.

While I was browsing the store yesterday... I found the more summer version of the tote that was just marked down that day from $228 to $119. Obvi- I headed straight to check-out. 

I also just bought the necklace and phone cover pictured below... A little way to celebrate the beginning of spring!

Printed IPhone Case: $25.00 (Similar here)

J.Crew Magazine: (Online version is now available here)
Also, don't forget to check-out the must see "Collection Lookbook" here.
I love what they said on the insert above "It's an encyclopedia of color." That is so true... Its literally my color palette bible when I get dressed for work in the mornings. As you can see below, the pages from the magazine take over my wall of inspiration on the inside of my wardrobe door. What can I say... It's "Crew" love.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NYC Furniture Finds.

As you already know from my earlier post... I love thrift shopping and my favorite thing to thrift shop for besides jewelry is-- furniture. The fun part about furniture is that it's usually a project. I can always spot a good piece when as soon as I see it, I can imagine it's potential. Below are a few things that caught my eye a few weeks ago at Housing Works and Angel Street Thrift Shop in Chelsea while I was browsing in search of a new chair for my room. If I only had an apartment to furnish-- I could have loaded up a whole truckload in one shopping trip.
Vintage Poster - $50
(Love the colors and it was just the right size to fill a good size wall in a kitchen.)

Vintage Bowling Chair - $180
(Loving the tefted leather and nail-head trim!)

New Bamboo Backed Chair - $ ??
They were unboxing this new chair the day I was there. I'm going back today to see if its still there.

Vintage Love Seat - SOLD!
(Unfortunately this was already bought but I'm obsessed and its the perfect size for a bedroom.)

Vintage Coffe Table - $100
(Also, loving its petite size, gold legs and trim.)

Vintage Lamp - $50
(I'm so mad I didnt buy this. It was gone when I went back to look for it. Look closely at the bottom geometric trim detail-- Wow, this lamp would be amazing with a little bit of paint to give it a mod look.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY: Vintage Jewelry.

I realize using super glue is slightly ghetto but it really is one of the easiest and fastest ways to fix almost any little DIY project. As you will learn from my previous DIY posts, spray paint and super glue are without a doubt my go to and favorite fixer-upper supplies. All of the pieces pictured below are vintage pieces I found at Unique Boutique from my earlier post, except for the purple snake skin clutch that I found a few years ago in my stylish Nana's closet. With a few materials I bought in the garment district, a pair of scissors, a bottle of crazy glue, some old jewelry I had at home, and a little bit of creativity, I created these cute and wearable one of a kind pieces. With a little but of thrift hunting, you too can make your own unique vintage pieces with my ideas and techniques below. Now get to crafting!
I found this snakeskin clutch in my grandmothers a few years ago... Before it was solid purple, so I added the neon stripe of fabric and studs (with super glue of course) to give it a more updated look. 
I used an old ring as the base to glue this once clip on earring to make the ring above. You'll need a pair of pliers or wire cutters to cut off the clip on backing. More examples below.
The bracelet above is from J. Crew. As you can see all I did was add the vintage charm I found at Unique Boutique.
Again I used an old ring for the base of this ring that was once one of my favorite pair of earrings by House of Harlow. Sadly I lost one, so at least I am getting some use out of it.
Above I used leather scraps to add a little style to this flower charm from an old necklace. I actually ended up taking it apart from the necklace and making a ring out of it. See in picture below.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trend Alert: Pop Of Color - Jewelry.

In my recent Pop of Color - Handbags post I mentioned I would try to do a post on jewelry. Well I didn't just do my research for this post but I did a little spending.... Okay, not a little, a lot!!! Don't judge me... But I made a few online purchases last week and then again in the store today after my interview. I got a little out of control but I blame it on the money my parents sent me for Valentines day and mostly I blame it on pinterest. If pinterest would quit giving me so many styling ideas and the convenience of being a able to purchase everything at the click of a button, non of this would have happened. But I also wouldn't have these bomb new pieces to add to my jewel collection and to accessorize literally my whole spring wardrobe. Okay, I know your getting jealous now but you don't have to be because I am giving you all the details below of where you can go to buy every piece; And they are all so cheap! But don't look cheap of course, this is what I do best--- I have an expensive eye and a poor girls budget. Don't think I'm trying to be cheap all the time though...  I just really don't believe is spending a lot of money on trendy pieces. Thats why we have stores like H&M and F21. I think accessories are a great way to  revamp and style up your spring and summer staples and a safe call if you aren't confident about the cheaper stores fit and quality. Plus, Accessorizing makes getting dressed a lot more fun thats for sure. So I say... Bring on the bling because a girl can never have too much of it!
F21: Neon Yellow Bracelet - $10.80. Blue Beaded Bracelet & Necklace - $5.80, Orange & Pink Rope Necklace- $10.80.
J.Crew: Blue & Orange Bracelets - $25 each

Ps. My DIY Acrylic Tray sure is coming in handy as a prop for my product shots. I knew I would find a way to make this decorative piece useful!


I also spotted these colorful pieces at Target. Click to buy them here.
Have a colorful weekend ya'll!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

NYC Thrift Store Find: Unique Boutique.

If the upper east side of Manhattan were a sunken ship well I am here to tell you that I found the treasure chest of jewels!!! Yesterday as I started walking towards 90th Street on the east side in route to Housing Works Thrift Shop I stumbled upon the most amazing and well priced vintage jewelry selection I have shopped since living in NYC at Unique Boutique. (Well besides a few booths at the Hells Kitchen Flea Market. But that only happens on Saturday and Sunday during the it technically doesn't count.)
Not only is this place less than a ten minute walk from my apartment but its so well priced. From the outside, it looks like one of those stores just filles with a bunch of junk people don't want. It may be when it comes to the apparel and shoes, but this is not the case when it comes to the home goods and accessories. If you stay focused on the shelves and jewelry cases towards the front of the store you'll see what I'm talking about.
As you can see from the pictures I took in the store you have to be willing to do a little digging, but I think thats half of the fun of thrift shopping. I was there for over an hour or so and found out that the nice guy who owns the store finds his jewels at an auction in New Jersey every few weeks.. so obviously I'll be popping back in on the reg. Jewelry was priced from $10-4. Earrings averaged at $5 and a nice brooch averaged about $8. Which is considered a bargain compared to other NYC thrift store prices. I purchased all the pieces pictured below for $70 total.
Besides some amazing costume jewelry, I found a few little glass plates and bowls priced at $2 and $4 each. I bought these for another DIY project I have in the works. There were also some cool ashtrays, teacup sets, vases and other little random and unique tabletop trinkets. Hence the name "Unique Boutique." Ha
Moral of the story is... If you're like me and obsessed with vintage jewels, like the thrill of the hunt and like to remake old things in your own new way,  you must make a visit to this store ASAP! I promise you won't be disappointed. I will post pics later in the week of me wearing some of the jewelry I remade from these pieces. Have a Thrifty Tuesday!
(All under $70 total.)

(Located on the corner of 94rd St & 3rd Ave -- Directions here.)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Anthropologie Love.

Anytime I have a little time to kill or just need a little inspiration, I head straight to one of my favorite stores Anthropologie. It's such an inviting store that always seems to have some unique trinket you can't get anywhere else or leave the store without. I love how thrifty and inviting the store is; It's literally a DIYers paradise and never fails to get my creative juices flowing. My most important shopping tip is to shop the sale first. If it's not on sale now, it will most likely be in a few weeks. The store always seems to have more sale items and better sale prices then online. You kind of have to stalk the store if you want to find the good stuff on sale. My friend Maggie and I always keep each other in the know when new items go on sale and are always on the lookout for each others sizes. I snapped a few pictures of some of the things I found inspiring at the Chelsea Market store last Monday along with a few cute sale items I  spotted.

Anthropologie - (Similar here)

While I was browsing the store, I spotted this adorable strapless printed sun dress with a bow across the front of course... It was marked down from $168.00 to $49.95. I couldn't help but pick this up for such a great price... I'm obsessed with the print-- It's will be perfect for a summer wedding or weekend in the Hamptons. I wanted the pants too but resisted since I have other printed pants I want to purchase for spring elsewhere. But the pants were marked down from $160.00 to $39.95
Anthropologie: Dress - $49.95 (Similar Here)

Anthropologie: Tropicana Cropped Pants - $39.95 (In-Store and Online)

The other great sale find, I spotted were these rolls of wrapping paper. Most of them were marked down from $108.00 to $29.95. The navy print and the butterfly pattern were definitely my two favorite styles. If you don't have a room you want to wallpaper it would be so cute to use on the back of a shelf- I'm actually probably going to go get a roll tomorrow to do my tall white shelf in our living room. Anyways, hopefully you're walking out the door to head to Anthropologie right now. Happy Sale Shopping!!
Anthropologie: Wallpaper - $29.95 (In-Store)
Shop Anthro Sale Online Here.

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