Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Die.

Lets be honest, Rachel Zoe is not a true designer. She never went to design school and she probably didn’t sew a button on one of her blouses from her new collection. But despite this, she is still no stranger to the fashion world and an amazing stylist or what I like to call an amazing editor. And not just any editor- RZ is top in the industry for a reason with her keen sense of style… or like Dan says about Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl... she is "An evil dictator of taste" and dang good at it!

In my opinion, she has one of the sharpest eyes for timeless and tailored silhouettes in the industry. Her new collection, Rachel Zoe sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus is every bit representative of her talent and worth every penny at prices ranging from $200 - $500. Every piece is an essential that every classy stylish businesswomen should have in their wardrobe.  Since we don’t have a NM in NYC, Im praying its sold at Bergdorf and Goodman so I can check it out in stores this weekend. Unlimited credit card--- Where are you when I need you?!?!

Even better news.. The Rachel Zoe Project returns to Bravo for Season 4 on Sept 9.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Only In NYC.

I was blown away a year ago when I first learned about Seamless WebFresh Direct and But I think this one takes shopping to another level. Only in NYC-- can you literally do all your shopping online while you are at work--because what New Yorker really has time to shop anyways? I personally like to go to a department store and test products before I buy them but if I needed to replace one of my staple cosmetics I just might try this service out. It has to be better than going to the actual store and trying on the products that every tourist has dipped their fingers in after riding on the 6 train. Yuck! ----But I promise I will still continue to stop into Sephora and be that girl who asks to try on every shade of Nars blush... Because I don't know one girl who doesn't like make-up; and lets be honest, Sephora is basically like the candy land of beauty products...Wow, I love being a girl!
Speaking of Products.... Here are some of my favorite go to products:

Friday, July 08, 2011

Book of the Week.

Book Magazine of the Week: Fort Worth Magazine
Traveling home last weekend, I stopped to buy a few magazines for my flight at the airport in Dallas and found that TCU was on the cover of Fort Worth Magazine.  I used to love buying this magazine when I lived in Fort Worth so of course I had to buy the copy with my Alma Mater on the cover. The article gives the top Texas colleges acceptance statistics, highlighting that TCU is #2 of the hardest school to get in to, just under Rice. The article goes on to explain why TCU is the hottest school in Texas and not just for its acceptance percentile, amazing baseball team and football team; but for so many other reason. TCU was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so proud to be a horned frog! Rah Rah- TCU…. Rah Rah- TCU!!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

DIY: Shabby Chic Lamp.

Finally my first DIY post! But before I start a series of DIY projects, I want to let you in on the most valuable tips for DIY projects: If there is anything that can fix anything-- its spray paint. Its amazing what a $3 bottle of spray paint can transform. On that note, I thought I would start with the DIY shabby chic lamp for my first post. Probably one of the simplest and cheapest projects of all times. All you need is a lamp and spray paint. I found the lamp pictured for $29.99 at Home Goods and bought the spray paint for $3.99 at Kmart. (No, we do not have a Wal*Mart or a Target in NYC. It's miserable.) All you do is take the shade off and spray a few coats of paint on it and whA-la! -- you have a lamp with your own personal touch and style. Pictured steps below:


And if your not into the whole shabby chic style or need a pop of color for your room, there are plenty of other colors and styles to choose from-- That's the fun part! So forget shopping for days and over paying for the perfect lamp to fit in your bedroom, living room or office; instead find a lamp shape and paint color you like and get to painting. Here's a little inspiration...