Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trend Alert: Pop Of Color - Jewelry.

In my recent Pop of Color - Handbags post I mentioned I would try to do a post on jewelry. Well I didn't just do my research for this post but I did a little spending.... Okay, not a little, a lot!!! Don't judge me... But I made a few online purchases last week and then again in the store today after my interview. I got a little out of control but I blame it on the money my parents sent me for Valentines day and mostly I blame it on pinterest. If pinterest would quit giving me so many styling ideas and the convenience of being a able to purchase everything at the click of a button, non of this would have happened. But I also wouldn't have these bomb new pieces to add to my jewel collection and to accessorize literally my whole spring wardrobe. Okay, I know your getting jealous now but you don't have to be because I am giving you all the details below of where you can go to buy every piece; And they are all so cheap! But don't look cheap of course, this is what I do best--- I have an expensive eye and a poor girls budget. Don't think I'm trying to be cheap all the time though...  I just really don't believe is spending a lot of money on trendy pieces. Thats why we have stores like H&M and F21. I think accessories are a great way to  revamp and style up your spring and summer staples and a safe call if you aren't confident about the cheaper stores fit and quality. Plus, Accessorizing makes getting dressed a lot more fun thats for sure. So I say... Bring on the bling because a girl can never have too much of it!
F21: Neon Yellow Bracelet - $10.80. Blue Beaded Bracelet & Necklace - $5.80, Orange & Pink Rope Necklace- $10.80.
J.Crew: Blue & Orange Bracelets - $25 each

Ps. My DIY Acrylic Tray sure is coming in handy as a prop for my product shots. I knew I would find a way to make this decorative piece useful!


I also spotted these colorful pieces at Target. Click to buy them here.
Have a colorful weekend ya'll!!!

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