Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY: Acrylic Tray.

I've been wanting a Clear tray for some time now but obviously am not willing to pay $100 for one since its not actually a "need" --- Not that anything I blog about is ever a "need," usually a "want." Sickly I always seem to find a way to justify a purchase. Not a healthy or proud habit of mine but at least I can admit it. Anyways... With my newly enormous amount of free time and constantly being inspired by all the wonderful treasure in NYC stores and Pinterest, I figured I could make one of these unnecessary objects myself. This one was my test and after completing it, I realized just how creative and personalized you could make one of these. You could add a monogram and choose your design. So many possibilities with this little project to add your own personal touch. I'm thinking great gift idea right now if your not picking up on my drift!! Anywho-- pics and how to are below in case you need a project, a gift or your just feeling like a crafty little creature today. Not going to lie, I was hesitate to do leopard because I feel like its kind of cliche but I'm actually really digging my finished product with my accessories. You just can't go wrong with a good animal print. :)
Tray: Container Store - $15 (Similar option here.) Leopard Paper: Container Store - $5

Gloves: Ted Baker - $50. Lipstick: Mac"Snob"- $14.50. Perfume: Michael Kors "Island" - $70.00. Jewelry: David Yurman , JCrew, F21 and Thrifted.

What You'll Need:
-Razor Blade
-Mod Podge - Clear
-Paint Brush
-Clear Tray (Similar option here.)

1) Layout your wrapping paper print side up.
2) Flip tray over and paint on a thin layer of Mod Podge.
3) Lay down on paper where you would like it positioned on the print and then smooth out so there are no bubbles. Let this dry for a few hours.
5) Once Dry..Flip over and add a layer of Mod Podge to the back of the paper so it had a good hold.
5) Let dry for about an hour (this should dry faster since it is being exposed to air) and then cut out paper around tray with a razor blade.
Simple as that! Pics below...

Click to buy here.

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