Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NYC Furniture Finds.

As you already know from my earlier post... I love thrift shopping and my favorite thing to thrift shop for besides jewelry is-- furniture. The fun part about furniture is that it's usually a project. I can always spot a good piece when as soon as I see it, I can imagine it's potential. Below are a few things that caught my eye a few weeks ago at Housing Works and Angel Street Thrift Shop in Chelsea while I was browsing in search of a new chair for my room. If I only had an apartment to furnish-- I could have loaded up a whole truckload in one shopping trip.
Vintage Poster - $50
(Love the colors and it was just the right size to fill a good size wall in a kitchen.)

Vintage Bowling Chair - $180
(Loving the tefted leather and nail-head trim!)

New Bamboo Backed Chair - $ ??
They were unboxing this new chair the day I was there. I'm going back today to see if its still there.

Vintage Love Seat - SOLD!
(Unfortunately this was already bought but I'm obsessed and its the perfect size for a bedroom.)

Vintage Coffe Table - $100
(Also, loving its petite size, gold legs and trim.)

Vintage Lamp - $50
(I'm so mad I didnt buy this. It was gone when I went back to look for it. Look closely at the bottom geometric trim detail-- Wow, this lamp would be amazing with a little bit of paint to give it a mod look.)


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