Monday, March 05, 2012

Anthropologie Love.

Anytime I have a little time to kill or just need a little inspiration, I head straight to one of my favorite stores Anthropologie. It's such an inviting store that always seems to have some unique trinket you can't get anywhere else or leave the store without. I love how thrifty and inviting the store is; It's literally a DIYers paradise and never fails to get my creative juices flowing. My most important shopping tip is to shop the sale first. If it's not on sale now, it will most likely be in a few weeks. The store always seems to have more sale items and better sale prices then online. You kind of have to stalk the store if you want to find the good stuff on sale. My friend Maggie and I always keep each other in the know when new items go on sale and are always on the lookout for each others sizes. I snapped a few pictures of some of the things I found inspiring at the Chelsea Market store last Monday along with a few cute sale items I  spotted.

Anthropologie - (Similar here)

While I was browsing the store, I spotted this adorable strapless printed sun dress with a bow across the front of course... It was marked down from $168.00 to $49.95. I couldn't help but pick this up for such a great price... I'm obsessed with the print-- It's will be perfect for a summer wedding or weekend in the Hamptons. I wanted the pants too but resisted since I have other printed pants I want to purchase for spring elsewhere. But the pants were marked down from $160.00 to $39.95
Anthropologie: Dress - $49.95 (Similar Here)

Anthropologie: Tropicana Cropped Pants - $39.95 (In-Store and Online)

The other great sale find, I spotted were these rolls of wrapping paper. Most of them were marked down from $108.00 to $29.95. The navy print and the butterfly pattern were definitely my two favorite styles. If you don't have a room you want to wallpaper it would be so cute to use on the back of a shelf- I'm actually probably going to go get a roll tomorrow to do my tall white shelf in our living room. Anyways, hopefully you're walking out the door to head to Anthropologie right now. Happy Sale Shopping!!
Anthropologie: Wallpaper - $29.95 (In-Store)
Shop Anthro Sale Online Here.

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