Thursday, March 22, 2012

J.Crew Obsession.

Not sure if I have ever blogged about my sick obsession with J.Crew, Jenna Lyons and the man Mickey Drexler. You should know, that it's to the obsession level of Mary-Kate and Ashley. In fact, I could have a whole blog about my love for the store and it's key players. I could literally post a million pictures of all the things I want and love right now but I'll let you browse online instead of posting my entire camera  role from my recent visit to see the new spring styles. Below are a few of my favs...

First and foremost...
The Tillary Tote--- I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BAG! The leather is so nice for its affordable price tag of $328 and its the perfect shape and size.  It can only be purchased online or over the phone and it comes in two colors: Tan and Blue. I will take one in each color for my birthday please! (Hint, Hint: Cough...Cough, Kevin.)
Above is a picture of the blue bag I pulled out of the catalog since it is not shown online.

While I was browsing the store yesterday... I found the more summer version of the tote that was just marked down that day from $228 to $119. Obvi- I headed straight to check-out. 

I also just bought the necklace and phone cover pictured below... A little way to celebrate the beginning of spring!

Printed IPhone Case: $25.00 (Similar here)

J.Crew Magazine: (Online version is now available here)
Also, don't forget to check-out the must see "Collection Lookbook" here.
I love what they said on the insert above "It's an encyclopedia of color." That is so true... Its literally my color palette bible when I get dressed for work in the mornings. As you can see below, the pages from the magazine take over my wall of inspiration on the inside of my wardrobe door. What can I say... It's "Crew" love.

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