Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY: Vintage Jewelry.

I realize using super glue is slightly ghetto but it really is one of the easiest and fastest ways to fix almost any little DIY project. As you will learn from my previous DIY posts, spray paint and super glue are without a doubt my go to and favorite fixer-upper supplies. All of the pieces pictured below are vintage pieces I found at Unique Boutique from my earlier post, except for the purple snake skin clutch that I found a few years ago in my stylish Nana's closet. With a few materials I bought in the garment district, a pair of scissors, a bottle of crazy glue, some old jewelry I had at home, and a little bit of creativity, I created these cute and wearable one of a kind pieces. With a little but of thrift hunting, you too can make your own unique vintage pieces with my ideas and techniques below. Now get to crafting!
I found this snakeskin clutch in my grandmothers a few years ago... Before it was solid purple, so I added the neon stripe of fabric and studs (with super glue of course) to give it a more updated look. 
I used an old ring as the base to glue this once clip on earring to make the ring above. You'll need a pair of pliers or wire cutters to cut off the clip on backing. More examples below.
The bracelet above is from J. Crew. As you can see all I did was add the vintage charm I found at Unique Boutique.
Again I used an old ring for the base of this ring that was once one of my favorite pair of earrings by House of Harlow. Sadly I lost one, so at least I am getting some use out of it.
Above I used leather scraps to add a little style to this flower charm from an old necklace. I actually ended up taking it apart from the necklace and making a ring out of it. See in picture below.


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