Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Window shopping walking to work.

Walking by Macy's on my way to work this morning, I was just in time to see the windows in tranformation for the all the holiday shoppers.  Santa clause, little elf's, presents and Christmas cheer are already taking over 34th Street windows decorated with new accesories for the fall and must have pieces for holiday partys.  Fur booties, fur vests, fur bags, fur hats, you name it.. .Fur was everywhere.  But what really took over the windows were all the mannequins dressed in the infamous LBD.  Im sure that is no surprise considering that this is the time of year for PAR-TAYS! Obviously, your going to need to update your cocktail dress department with a new chic LBD so you can look your best even if you drink to much eggnog. :)
In fact I'm pretty sure I saw my roomies Rachel Roy dress she just purchased yesterday being placed in the window as I was walking by! (Prompts to you Malone! Your dress is already famous and your ahead of the shopping game.) Look's like I have some online shopping to do! 
Here are some of my favorite looks I've found so far:

RACHEL ROY - Kristen's PICK!!









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