Tuesday, November 09, 2010

B is for Bows. (On my shoes!)

So I just got back from Mood Fabrics and did it get my creative juices flowing or what? (You know, the fabric store from Project Runway.) I could have spent the whole day brainstorming ideas and things I want to make in the three story fabric store.  Unfortunately, I don't have the time to start the 800 projects and businesses I have floating around in my head if I want to have a social life and keep my job, because I had to come back to work to finish up my to do list.  But lucky me, one task I still needed to finish was researching the top fashion blogs which lead me to this idea, that had to be blogged about immediately!

While checking out WhoWhatWear, I stumbled upon this brilliant idea to reinvent a boring pair of heels that is just my taste and right on for this seasons trends. D.I.Y. Bow Shoes Not to mention, it looks so simple do. (No sewing required!!) All you need is a hot glue gun, leather or fabric swatches, a simple pair of heels or flats, and a little bit of creativity. And if you want to get really creative you could even add buttons, rhinestones, chains, whatever your feeling to add a personal touch to your one of a kind shoes. (Could be cool for a holiday party?)  This is the perfect craft for someone who doesn't have much time but needs a project every once and a while to keep their sanity.  In fact, I will be making a pair this week once I have time to swing by the fabric district after work. Pictures to come. Happy Crafting!

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