Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Book of the Week: The Perfectly Imperfect Home.

I've been meaning to post this book: The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman for some time now... And now that I have a free copy on my hands (Thank you Gilt), I can't wait to share how great it is. Not only are the illustration so girly and cute but Deborah Needleman gives some amazing advice (every girl should know) on how to make your house your home. It's the perfect book for someone my age who is starting to invest in pieces that I want to grow in to and hopefully keep for a long time.  For example, she teaches you how to buy sheets according to thread count, material and season, she even points out the essential tools you will need to build an in home bar, and so many other great tips that are key in making a smart investment.  And if you don't have money to spend on new things, she shows you tricks on how to rework the pieces you already own to create a space that is more inviting and suitable for your lifestyle in a fresh new way.
Basically, Deborah knows what is up and I promise you won't get through one chapter without learning something new and maybe even the history behind it. Definitely get yourself a copy of this book if you are making a move and dishing out the big bucks on new furniture--- being knowledgeable about the product and decorating in general will make shopping for your new home a much more positive experience and its actually a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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