Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Creative Resume Ideas- Part II.

I did an earlier post last year of the creative resumes I designed and sent out to employers that were suppose to resemble a hang tag. I thought this would be a creative and catchy way to make me stand out among the other million resumes they receive every year. My whole goal is to just get it in the hands of someone in HR who is hopefully curious to find out what is enclosed in the fancy envelope. From the outside I think it looks a lot like a party invite -- (Hope they are not disappointed when they open it :/ )
After recently being laid off from my job, I decided I would try this strategy (what I like to call: "Marketing Me") again since it did get me a temp job at Tory Burch a year ago. Below I posted images of the final products since I made a few changes and added some new details and designs from my old versions. I even printed stationary and business cards to match, much like an actual companies marketing/branding materials. I mailed them on Sunday morning so I am assuming employers will get them today or tomorrow... Let's just hope that I hear something back in the next few days!.... Please leave comments-- I would love to hear your feedback!!

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