Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY: Wall of Art.

Who doesn't like a little change every now and then? I especially find myself constantly wanting to change things around my apartment because I spend so much time here and its easy to grow tired of. I tend to want to change things in my apartment too often because I love experimenting with new decorating ideas. 

Well yesterday I decided I needed a project and I was due for a little change in my room before the start of the next season--- Down came all my art from my walls. I have always loved art and pictures but tried to not get carried away with buying too many things to hang on the wall since my wall space is limited in a small New York apartment. Its been almost 2 years since I have been living here and lets just say that I failed and now have more things to put on the wall then I know what to do with. As I have slowly collected things that I wanted to display, I have been hanging them wherever I found an empty space on my walls. For some time now my frames have started to look sloppy and scatted. 

A roll of wrapping paper, a hammer, a few nails and an hour later I had created a beautiful wall of art that shows all the things I love and collected since living in New York. I never realized how moving everything to one wall would really showcases the things that inspire me and my personality so well... I kinda love it!

How I made my wall of art so you can make one too...
What you'll need: 
-Large pieces of paper (I used left-over wrapping paper from Christmas which worked perfectly) 
-Hammer & nails

Measure and cut the paper into the size of each of the frames you are wanting to hang.
Once they are all cut, I laid them all out on the floor and just started taping them to the wall where I thought they should go. You can measure them out with a tape measure but I found it easier to just eye it and try to keep the distance between each frame consistent and evenly spaced.
Once you pleased at how they are arranged on the wall, start hammering and re-hanging. (oh, and don't forget to take down the paper). Once you get them all hung and you are pleased with your placement, step back and take it all in. I think you will be happy with your little shrine. I am very happy with my finished look...

Happy Hanging and Weekend!!....Xoxo - Claire

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