Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Die.

Lets be honest, Rachel Zoe is not a true designer. She never went to design school and she probably didn’t sew a button on one of her blouses from her new collection. But despite this, she is still no stranger to the fashion world and an amazing stylist or what I like to call an amazing editor. And not just any editor- RZ is top in the industry for a reason with her keen sense of style… or like Dan says about Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl... she is "An evil dictator of taste" and dang good at it!

In my opinion, she has one of the sharpest eyes for timeless and tailored silhouettes in the industry. Her new collection, Rachel Zoe sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus is every bit representative of her talent and worth every penny at prices ranging from $200 - $500. Every piece is an essential that every classy stylish businesswomen should have in their wardrobe.  Since we don’t have a NM in NYC, Im praying its sold at Bergdorf and Goodman so I can check it out in stores this weekend. Unlimited credit card--- Where are you when I need you?!?!

Even better news.. The Rachel Zoe Project returns to Bravo for Season 4 on Sept 9.

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