Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Only In NYC.

I was blown away a year ago when I first learned about Seamless WebFresh Direct and Soap.com--- But I think this one takes shopping to another level. Only in NYC-- can you literally do all your shopping online while you are at work--because what New Yorker really has time to shop anyways? I personally like to go to a department store and test products before I buy them but if I needed to replace one of my staple cosmetics I just might try this service out. It has to be better than going to the actual store and trying on the products that every tourist has dipped their fingers in after riding on the 6 train. Yuck! ----But I promise I will still continue to stop into Sephora and be that girl who asks to try on every shade of Nars blush... Because I don't know one girl who doesn't like make-up; and lets be honest, Sephora is basically like the candy land of beauty products...Wow, I love being a girl!
Speaking of Products.... Here are some of my favorite go to products:

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