Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cheap Shoe Find for Spring!

Since I wasn't planning on blogging tonight this is going to be a short post. But I just had to post these awesome pair of Woven heels is stumbled upon while reading my March Glamour.  Not only are these shoes freaking so great, but they are $44.99 from Payless!! Can you even believe it? It's because they are from Isabel Toledo line at Payless--- who is one of the 3 guest designers in their store.
I hate paying a lot for  summer shoes because they usually only last one season, so I am definitely ordering these now before they sell out. 

Striped Vamp Sandal

Isabel Toledo for Payless
I should be spending my money on duck-hunting boots since I practically live in a swamp of tall buildings but Im way too excited for spring fashion and especially the weather! More spring fashion trends to come...


  1. I keep checking Payless' website--are they even available yet?? Do you know? Thanks!

  2. bought one...and ohh the fit and it's so light! ;)) great shoes!


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