Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"B is for BENDEL. Henri Bendel, that is..."

So yesterday, I decided I was finally going to see what the Famous Henri Bendel Store on 5th Avenue was all about. Here is what I thought...
     They had really great handbags, accessories, and a huge selection of items priced from $50-$100.  (It's the perfect place to buy a gift for the girl who has everything if you have that much to spend!!) But don't let the price scare you a way.  Its not the type of store that has items over a thousand dollars; In fact, I was actually really surprised with their prices.
     Of course, it took me no time to find something I wanted.  And when I say "wanted," I mean won my heart over.  So thank you Nixon Watches for reminding me of how terrible it is living in New York and being broke.  I've never heard of this line before or seen them in stores, but I was so impressed by their quality, design and price! (Thats why I had to blog about it.) 
     Needless to say, I left my heart in Henri Bendels yesterday on the 2nd floor at the watch counter. But no worries, I will be back to get it (my heart that is...) Because the watch is a $100 that I don't have. But it is a great price for such a nice and useful accessory.<< (At least thats the line I would use on my Dad....)  
     "Since 1985 and still today, Henri Bendel is considered one of Manhattans chicest shopping environments - "A Girls' Playground"—a unique fashion destination forever rooted in the never-ending energy, abundance and creativity of the city of New York."
     And I Agree 100 percent!  I would definitely suggest stopping in if your ever in the city cruising along 5th Avenue and wondering what it feels like to be Blair Waldorf's shoes for the day. It's truly was a treat!  


Other great finds:

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