Friday, December 16, 2011

Book of the Week.

So I've been doing a little Christmas shopping online.. Okay not a little (A Lot), but I blame it on Gilt. Anyways, I just bought this book for my boyfriend for Christmas and received it in the mail today at work. It basically the classic cocktail bible. Its has simple instructions and anything and everything can be looked up in the index. If you can come up with a drink you want to make, you can find it and about 15 other version for every persons taste and personality.  It was on Gilt for $50 but the sale is already down, however you can buy it on Pottery Barn for a full price of $75. It really would make a great gift for the guy you don't know what else to buy for them and if they are not interested in the recipes or learning the craft of mixing drinks, it would still look so classy on your coffee table or displayed in your bookshelf. You really cant go wrong with this book....Everyone likes a fancy drink- or needs one after a long week of work. Below are other great gifts ideas that I bought to wrap up with the book.

Price: $75

Price: $30

Price: $35

And one last gift idea just because I couldn't leave out is this festive serving set...

Sabre- Old Fashioned Accessory Set (3 pc)

Price: $51

Other bar accessories on Gilt Home can be found here:


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