Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loafer Love.

With my intentions to start saving for the upcoming Missoni sale at Target, I have to admit to making one last purchase online last night so I can start with a clean slate. I normally would not confess to my bad spending but this purchase is too great not to share since I bought them for $50 on Ebay. (Ebay purchases shouldn't count anyways right?). Not to mention, I have been obsessing over these shoes for 3 weeks now! Anyways, know the brand Stubbs and Wootton and especially the loafer trend this season because I think you're going to see them everywhere in stores this fall. I would love to have a monogrammed pair so I'm thinking ill try this pair first to make sure I like the fit before I shell out 4 Benjamin Franklins. P.s.-- Please notice how well Stubbs and Wootton's marketing is done-- Their website and graphics are so freaking cute, reminds me a lot of Henri Bendel's--Five-Stars!

 Stubbs and Wootton - ($50 - Ebay)

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