Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY: Bathroom Makeover.

After watching "sex and the city the movie" probably 10 times while movie in to my new apartment (we needed some noise and our cable wasn't set up at the time), I became obsessed with Carries apartment redo at the end of the movie. I'm talking about the pretty blue walls to jog your memory... Yes! These pretty blue walls to the right! So first task on my list once we were all organized was to paint our helpless little bathroom "Carrie Bradshaw blue" - is what I like to call it. But really the paint color I purchased was called "Tropical Holiday" from one of my favorite stores Home Depot. All it took was a quart of paint ($15) and a few hours of my time. I would give you a little tutorial on my process but I think the pictures are self explanatory.  Its amazing what a little inspiration and paint can do... "Helpless little bathroom" no more!

What You'll Need:
-Paint (Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in Color: "Tropical Holiday")
-Painters Trimming Tape
-Paint Brushes
-Drop Cloths

1) Tape out the trim before painting

1) Paint first coat and let dry. (2 coats should get the job done)

3) Take down trimming tape once paint dries over night and re-hang all mirrors, etc.

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