Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY: Dining Chair Recover.

New Apartment Goal Number One: Find a set of vintage dining chairs to put around our kitchen table that needed a little fixing up so I could put my own spin on them to match our living room. While my mom was in the city visiting, I stumbled upon the perfect chairs only one street over from my apartment. Not only was the price right at $90 for both of them together but they were almost exactly what I invisioned for our space.
When I purchased the chairs I was planning on painting their wooded frame white or black and then recovering the seat but when I got them home I loved the way the natural wood finish looked in our apartment. So really all these chairs needed was a good recovering job and a pretty fabric.. (easy enough right?!)  I figured since I didn't paint them I could choose a more bold and risky fabric... So thats exactly what I did. I used a hot pink velvet fabric to cover the yuck greenish brown print that aged these pretty chairs.

I purchased the fabric down the street from the CK offices after work
one day at "Best Price Fabrics." I just randomly stumbled upon this
store and now I'm obsessed. I've already been back three times to buy more fabric for other projects. There prices are as amazing as the
selection. Most cotton fabrics are $5 a yard and then they go up to
around $15 for a silk. Below Is a picture of some of the fabrics I
bought (all of which were only $5 each.) They are located on 39th
street in between (7th and 8th ave) so you should def go check them out if you are in the area and love shopping for fabric as much as I do.

And I must say, I am very pleased my finished product... It has just enough modern and funky style from the fabric but still gives off a traditional feel thanks to its aged wood finish and shape. Images demonstrating my seat recovering process below...

What You'll Need:
-1 yd of Fabric for each chair cushion (depending on cushion size)
-Hot glue gun
-Staple gun
Cut fabric around chair arms before gluing down the fabric using a hot glue gun.

Finished Product:

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