Friday, June 17, 2011

Book of the Week.

I've been slacking on my "Book of the Week" post recently due to being inspired by so many other things right now. I have actually been meaning to do a post on the "Big Ass Book of Home Decor" since I was given it as a gift from my friend Maggie on my birthday. Now that I am finally moving out of my tiny apartment to a more livable space in the upper east side with 3 other girls, I am so ecstatic about decorating my room and our new home! My favorite DIY projects are without a doubt making/redoing anything I can get my hands on to use as decoration for your house-- not to mention, I love coming home to a well decorated space.  Considering that I am on a budget and need a creative project after work (for all the free time I don't have-joke), I thought I would share a few pages of the book I've been anxiously waiting to dissect...

To sum up the greatness of this book: the bottom line is---You can decorate your whole apartment for literally nothing. Tables, frames, plant holders, wall hangings, chairs, headboards, lampshades; you name it, you can make it with the simplest and cheapest materials. And no worries there is even an IKEA ideas section for all of us New Yorkers trying to save money furnishing our overpriced apartment. So if you have a bunch of IKEA furniture from college you don’t know what to do with or you live in NYC and want to put a few personal touches on your standard IKEA dresser, that you and all your girlfriends have… buy this book. You won’t regret it- And if you do… at least it looks good on a shelf. Happy weekend!


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