Friday, June 24, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas: YELL-O.

Its official-- in 9 days my roomies and I will be moving into our new apartment in the upper east side. And let me tell you, words/blogposts/radio announcements/Justin Bieber song lyrics- NOTHING can express how excited we are to finally move out of our "Hellsea" (Hells Kitchen/Chelsea) apartment. When I have free time on the computer, all I have been researching is inspiration and ideas on how I am going to decorate my room. I have a so many ideas (too many for just one post) all saved in a swipe file on my desk top so I will continue to post throughout the next few weeks my ideas and finds.  And of course a final picture of my room in the end! 
For my first post I wanted to use the color of my walls as my inspiration. So here are a few ideas and things I am loving right now in yellow-- yes, yellow and its not your ordinary primary yellow; its mustard yellow!! I know it sounds incredibly tacky, but if its done right it can give a room such a chic and sophisticated style. In fact I'm really excited about my new yellow walls because its probably my favorite color right now. But here goes room idea post numero uno...


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