Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JB knows hows to please a women

As if Taylor Swift wasn't enough of young hollywood taking over our lives this week (or at least my blog posts)... Well folks, I have another one for you.
Normally I wouldn't blog about two childish topics in a row because I would rather not expose my weird interest to the public but the fact that this is so random and has to do with two of my favorite things in the world... I would feel like a lier and a cheater if I didn't share this information with others!  
Yes, you heard it right (probably on e! News 10 times by now)-- 2 of my favorite things in the world: Justin Bieber and Fingernail Polish are joining forces together. (Wait 3 of my favorite things: Wal Mart too.) Read the Article
BASICALLY:  Bieber’s nail polishes will hits Walmart stores exclusively in December, then expand to other retailers by February. The launch of the One Less Lonely Girl collection will come around the same time as the debut of a line of lifelike Justin Bieber dolls that play 30-second clips of his songs.
I hope his face is on the bottles. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!!

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