Saturday, June 30, 2012

Peace Out Upper East Side.

The day has finally come ladies and gents...MOVING DAY!! This weekend I will officially say goodbye to my UES apt to become a downtown girl. I am very excited about my new quaint soho apartment but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I am having a little separation anxiety about trading in my uptown girl way of life. However, instead of mourning my departure I figured why not reminense by making list of the top 5 things I will miss the most about my last year spent as an Upper East Sider... (I'll love looking back on this in 10 years. haha)

1) My Apartment on Lexington Ave. (duh)

2) Famous neighbors Al Rocker and Madonna. (No biggie.)
Al Rockers home on my street just 2 buildings over. (Left) 
Al just cruising our block on a Saturday Afternoon
(Slightly creepy I took a pic- Im aware) (Right)

Madonnas Gigantic Pad, just one street down from my Apt 
(Pops and I posing in front of course)

3) Regular visits to the MET Museum in search of some inspiration and amazing people watching.

4) Hanging out with the gang at the one and only Dorrian's Red Hand

5) And the saddest one of all... 
My cuz/best-friend & UES neighbor Robert (Tight) Strong who is leaving us to go back to Texas.
I feel so blessed to have made such a wonderful friend like Rob; My NYC experience would not have been the same without him here theses past 2 years...We're all going to miss you so much Robbie!

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