Thursday, August 01, 2013

H&M Online Shop Launches in US.

Click here to shop.
You heard it right--- as of this morning, everyone across the US. Yep, even you folks in Nacogdoches can now shop at H&M thanks to the launch of their new website. The e-commerce experience will include women's, plus-size, men's, teens, and children, and exclusive "online-only" items you won't even be able to find at the NYC flagship. And the most exciting news of all— H&M home will also be available, which is not even sold in stores in the states. And how affordable and cool does their home stuff look? I have a feeling they are going to give Target a run for their money. Shoppers- start your engines. Click here to shop.

Good to Know: Make sure you sign up for H&M's newsletters because they are giving you free shipping until August 15th 2013. Click here to sign up.


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