Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY: Varsity Letterman Trend.

I am loving the letterman shirt trend right now and as you probably already know-- I am a sucker for anything that has my initials on it. So instead of going on a mad search for a shirt with a "C" on it or buying some random letter-- I thought why not just make one myself? So that's exactly what I did. Not only was this the easiest little DIY projects I've ever done but it might be one of the least expensive. So if you can glue, all you need to know is where to buy the supplies. See links below to purchase materials similar to mine. Happy Crafting!

What You Will Need:

1)  Fabric Glue

2)  Letterman Patch (Purchased at a trim store in the garment district for $2. Or you can purchase the iron on versions here & here.

3)  Thick cotton shirt of your choice.
(Similar to the one shown at J.Crew here). 
Or if your wanting to make a letterman jacket, there are plenty of inexpensive options here & here.

The fun part about this trend is that the possibilities are endless on what you can add a varsity letterman patch to.  Not only are you on trend but it gives it a little personal touch and you get to wear a letter than is meaningful to you. As you can tell, I actually had way too much fun on snapchat the day I wore my shirt coming up with names that my "C" could stand for.

I also made the initial hat on the left in about 5 minutes. It was inspired from the Ebbets Field Flannel Hats for J.Crew of course.
Hat: Forever 21. /// Hat: Ebbets Field Flannel Hats for J.Crew.

(More images here from an earlier outfit post).


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