Thursday, April 18, 2013

New York City Girl.

It is so crazy to me that in one month I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary as a "New York City Girl."  WOW, how time fly's.  It feels like just yesterday I was dropped off in LES fresh out of college with 2 suitcases and the rest to figure out.  What was I thinking? I still look back to that day and picture myself sitting on the sidewalk looking so lost and out of place with my suitcases larger than me trying to get a hold of my college girlfriend and roomie-to-be, Kristen Malone who I was suppose to be staying with until we found an apartment together.

I could obviously go on forever telling stories about all of the life lessons New York City has taught me and how much I have grown as a person, but I won't bored you with that. Instead, I thought I would post a few images that I found on pinterest that spoke to me(inspirational and funny) about my amazing experience I've had these past 3 years becoming a "New York City Girl." Move over Manhattan!

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