Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book of the Week: Kate Spade: "Things We Love."

With all my excitement about Kate Spades new book release, "Things We Love."  I made it a mission of mine hunt down a copy in NYC a few weeks ago- in fact I purchased the last copy in store at Barnes and Noble in Union Square.
Yes, I could have waited and ordered it online; but when I make up my mind that I want something; You better believe I figured out a way to get it. Plus, I knew I couldn't wait a week for it to ship. (If your smart however, you will purchase it online and save yourself a trip to the ​bookstore and $10.)

Talk about pages and pages of charming and colorful inspiration! From funny and quirky quotes, bold patterns, beautiful type, and images that could make anyone happy. I could seriously go to town with a pair of scissors to the pages of this book, just so I could frame every page and hang them all on my wall. Luckily the beautifully done gold page edges are keeping me away-- for the time being that is. ;) 

***Each chapter is based on things that they love...And I happen to love all of these things too...

...Like, A Well-Placed Bow...
(See my "Tied With A Bow" Outfit Post here.)
...And, New York City...


...And, A Pop Of Color...
(See my "Pop of Color" Outfit Post here.)

...And, Cocktails...
...And, Honest Words from Great American Writers.

...And, Words of Wisdom from Great Designers.

As a proud new owner of this colorful book of pure happiness and I would highly recommend making this your next addition to your bookshelf.  It is a true celebration of the Kate Spade brand and pure girliness at its finest. Whats not to love...?


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