Monday, April 16, 2012

Monogram Me.

As you have probably have already figured out by now... I love myself a good monogram. It's personal, preppy and made only for you. I would monogram everything I own and in my house if I wasn't scared that it would make people just feel uncomfortable and weird around me...So I'm going to hold off until I at least have a family and then I will just go wild decorating everything I buy for my future kiddies. I'm pretty sure I will have them decked out with monograms from their hair bows to their socks. God bless them on their first day of school. Ha... But since that isn't at least for 5 more years from now, here are some of my favorite monogramed things and a little inspiration I found online.



  1. found your blog from this monogrammed post being pinned - I'm a huge monogram lover and love what I see! New follower :)

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