Thursday, April 07, 2011

Book of the week.

Book Magazine of the Week.
Continuing my magazine of the week trend instead of book of the week, its time I let you in on my favorite magazine of all times: People Style Watch.

Think of it as your direct mail catalog for budget friendly shopping. Since those no longer exist and everything has gone online-- with this magazine it will keep you up to date on new affordable trends with an experts advice. I should actually work for this magazine because finding nice inexpensive trends is what I do...Or I like to call it, just being a professional shopper. Someone should really make this a profession-seriously? But with that being said, the staff who works for the magazine are pretty great at what they do. They tell you when the items hit stores, where to buy them and even how to wear the trend this season. They even cover affordable hair and face products and accessories like jewelry, bags, shoes, etc.  What else could you ask for? So flip through an issue next time your waiting to check out at the grocery store. I bet you $10 dollars you'll buy it and then read through it at least twice. Happy Thursday!

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