Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book of the Week.

Almost 4 years ago I discovered Jonathan Adler during a summer I spent in Los Angeles while interning at a fashion PR company. After work one day, I stumbled upon his store on Melrose while exploring with my new friend at the time, and who is now my current roommate in NYC, Maggie. (Crazy I know!) I remember walking into his store and thinking to myself  "My Nana would pee her pants over everything in here!"

Jonathan Adler: "100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life." - $25
Quirky, colorful, witty, happy, chic, hip, understandable but never understated, a little bit mod, a little bit prep, are just a few words to describe the man himself Johnathan Adler or as I like to call him the "geometric genius." (I've referred to him as this before in an earlier post, here.  Ironically, I wouldn't consider my personal style as mod or hip... Preppy and colorful, def yes... But something about the way JA mixes all of these different elements and themes, then adding his own little quirkiness to it--- just nails it. 

Whether you consider this colorful world a portion of your style or not, something about his vision is hard not to like. All the happiness JA is exuding or unpredictable objects and maybe? Well whatever it is, I'm hooked. In fact, if I came back in a second life as a man, I would want to come back as Jonathan Adler or Mickey Drexler (thats a hard one to pick.) Anyways, enough about my weird fantasies.

Below you can see a sneak peak of the books content which is a collection of tips for leading a vibrant, "Happy Chic life" full of grand parties, fabulous friends, kitschy movies, exotic vacations and of course the vibrant decor style that has made Jonathan Adler famous. 

Let's just say that I purchased it only a few days ago over the weekend in Dallas, where he also has a new storefront, and I can't put it down! It's the perfect read after work to exercise the creative side of your brain and would make the perfect Christmas present for almost anyone who needs a little Happy or Chic in their lives--- and don't we all!

One of the fold out craft projects from inside the book:
 "Make Your Own Valentines."

Snapshot of the Jonathan Adler-ism's section of the book. 
(Quite genius, I must say.)
Learn more about Jonathan Adler and his success, here.

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