Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Purchase Loves.

OKAY! I've gone a little wild lately with the online shopping but its starting to get chilly in NYC and somehow I have nothing to wear. A few fall wardrobe updates never hurt anybody right? 
(The new factory site just launched yesterday. Free shipping and up to 40% off in celebration. Be sure to check it out here.)

J.Crew: Eadie Wallet - $79.99 (on sale now).

Kate Spade: Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights - $32
(Fun way to jazz up your basic black skirts and dresses.)

ASOS: Top with Tutu Peplum - $30.78 (on sale now).
(I really need statement tops since all I buy are basics for work. Love the color and peplum of course.)

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