Friday, March 04, 2011

Book of the week.

Book Magazine of the Week.
Thought I would change is up a little bit this week and post one of my favorite magazines that I subscribe to:  Do it Yourself by Better Homes and Gardens.  
This Magazine only features 4 issues a year but they are filled with so many great projects and ideas on how to organize, match colors, etc... I actually filed mine into a binder and made a book to reference later.  I would post more pics from inside the pages but I can seem to find any online that are as great as looking through the actual issue.  Instead here are some really great pillows I saw in a window on Park Ave two Sunday's ago I've been meaning to blog about. I wrote down the name from the tag and looked them up online when I got home. Im definitely buying these pillows for my great grandmothers couch I had re-done last year.  I think they will give it an even more vintage looking flare and I love how it adds a personal touch.

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